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Name London Zoo’s Endangered Asiatic Lion Cubs: a competition for UK primary schools

This competition has now closed!

Voting is now open!

Your names have now been shortlisted for London Zoo’s Asiatic lion cubs. Head to The Times to cast your vote. Voting will close on 23:59 Thursday 13th June 2024.

Male Cub 1

Lion cub name Reason for choosing this name
Mali Because I personally think it is a great name to express the nature of the critically endangered Asiatic Lions.
Nider In Hindi, the language spoken in India where the Asiatic lions come from, nider means fearless. Lions are known for being brave, courageous and wild. When in the wild, they are predators that hunt.
Anshul Anshul means sunbeam in Indian. These are Indian lions and his mothers name means sun, so I felt sunbeam was appropriate.

Male Cub 2

Lion cub name Reason for choosing this name
Haider I think that Haider is a good name because it comes from Indian and Islamic origin. It means ‘Lion’ or ‘King of the Jungle’. Haider also means ‘A brave and noble warrior’ which I think is a powerful option for the lion’s name. It means that the lion is ‘strong and courageous’.
Syanii Firstly, I chose this name because I really liked both the names ‘sya’ and ‘savani’ so I decided to combine one another and I got the name Syani! From my research on Asiatic lions I found out that their scientific name is Panthrea leo persica. Pronounced:sigh-ya-ni.
Sanav He is the Lion of the Sun, the Star in which the Earth orbits.

Female Cub

Lion cub name Reason for choosing this name
Stila I have chosen the name “Stila” as it reflects off the fact that a silvery glow reflects off their fur, almost like steel. This means “Stila” in Gujarati, the language of their home.
Shanti Shanti directly translates to peace in the language Gujarati, an Indian language. It is a gender neutral name and asiatic lions originate from the Gir Forest, India. It is generally a peaceful area too. They often create a tranquil environment by performing actions such as licking as well.
Daya Daya means sympathy, compassion and kindness, which resembles a lion well. The name Daya is gender neutral as well and originates from Asia.

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Image of lion cubs feeding from their mother.

Thank you for participating!

The deadline for submissions has now passed and we would like to thank all of the schools that have participated in this competition. These special cubs deserve fitting names and we've certainly had some wonderful suggestions.

What happens now?

All of the lion cub names submitted will be passed to Liontrust and London Zoo. They will then determine a shortlist of 10 names which will be put to a public vote. Then, the three names that receive the most public votes will be assigned to the Asiatic lion cubs!

Image of new lion cubs and their mother.

Will we hear from you?

Due to the number of entries submitted, we can't get back to all schools to inform them if they have been successful or not. However, we will be in touch with the schools who have a name put forward to the public vote.

London Zoo's Asiatic Lion Conservation

London Zoo is part of a global conservation charity called ZSL, which works around the world to protect threatened species, restore precious wildlife habitats and inspire everyone to help them protect wildlife.

Asiatic lions are classed as Endangered, with only 600-700 lions remaining in the wild.

London Zoo’s lions are part of an international conservation breeding programme for Asiatic lions which ensures that good zoos are protecting an important ‘back up’ population of the Endangered big cats, and helps to inspire millions of people to help protect wildlife around the world.

The three new lion cubs need names which help celebrate how precious they are. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of something truly remarkable.

For enquiries or more information, please contact us at lioncubcompetition@10ticks.co.uk.

Lion with Liontrust ball

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