10ticks is the small team based in Bolton, England, that have a big impact on the national and international education industry. 10ticks are responsible for the creation of thousands of mathematical worksheets, and the fun Mental Maths online platform.

10ticks Mental Maths is an online interactive learning platform, designed to improve children’s mental arithmetic. Children can learn and improve by playing fun games, completing practice tests, and gain recognition on the global leaderboard!

Yes. 10ticks Mental Maths is a separate product and website to the 10ticks worksheets that you may be familiar with.

10ticks Mental Maths is completely free for all UK state funded schools. This is thanks to generous sponsorship from Liontrust, who have been partnered with us since 2020! Private schools and international schools can purchase 10ticks Mental Maths.

Yes! Simply register and your school will receive a 4-week free trial of the system, with no obligation to purchase upon its expiry.

All answers are recorded automatically, meaning zero marking is required. Weaker areas will be highlighted so that you can focus on improvement. You can view individual progress reports of members in your class.

Fun! Not only do children have access to fun maths games, but they are also able to customise their own AvaStar. This is unique to them, and is improved by engaging with the system. Pupils can complete challenges to earn coins used to purchase AvaStar components such as new outfits or hairstyles. They are rewarded for their efforts when using 10ticks Mental Maths.

Yes! There is an exact replica of the MTC available within 10ticks Mental Maths. There is no better preparation for your class.

We have a range of video guides that you can follow step-by-step to familiarise yourself with the system.