Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

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In UK primary schools, Year 4 students are required to take the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) assessment.

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Here is all you need to know:

Why is the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) being introduced?

The purpose of the check, according to the MTC assessment framework, is to ascertain whether year 4 students can smoothly recall their times tables.

The assessment should assist teachers in identifying students who are having difficulties in specific areas, so that they can offer additional support. A solid grasp of the multiplication tables is helpful in everyday life and supports students' later success in more difficult maths classes by fostering the growth of their ability to solve problems.

When will the MTC take place in 2023?

Schools must administer the MTC to all eligible year 4 pupils between Monday 5th June and Friday 16th June 2023. Schools can use the following week, Monday 19th June to Friday 23rd June, to administer the check to any pupils who were absent during the first 2 weeks, or, in case of any delays to the administration of the check due to technical difficulties.

Who will take the MTC?

All year 4 students enrolled in state-funded maintained schools, special schools, or academies (including free schools) in England are mandated to complete the MTC.

What does the MTC involve?

Pupils will take an on-screen quiz (on a computer or tablet) and answer times tables questions whilst the clock counts down.

The Department for Education will be using computerised tests in primary schools for the first time in this context. Wall displays, calculators, and anything else that could give pupils an advantage shall be taken out of the classroom where the MTC is proceeding.

The test, which won't last more than five minutes, is comparable to others that primary schools have already used. Their responses will be immediately marked.

Each of the 25 questions will be answered by the students in no more than 6 seconds. The following format will be used for all questions, each of which will be worth one mark:

n1 x n2 = __

The 6,7,8 and 9 times tables will be a major focus of the MTC as they are deemed to be the most difficult and challenging. There will be no questions from the 1 times table, but it will involve a mixture of questions ranging from the 2-12 times tables. Questions will not be repeated, even if the numbers are presented in reverse order.

After each answer has been input, pupils will have a three-second pause until the next question is displayed.

How can I help to prepare my pupils?

Using our free educational online resources, you can create a class full of multiplication masters in no time. The fun and engaging hub will get children excited about times tables. Students can create their own avatar, play live games across the globe, and challenge classmates. All challenges and games include a timer so that children are prepared for the timed element of the test, and an exact replica of the multiplication check with 25 questions and six seconds to answer is available to practice with.

The software is diagnostic and remedial, requiring minimal teacher intervention. Teachers can easily monitor pupils’ progress and target areas which need improvement. The games and challenges can be altered by the teacher (or student if they wish) to focus on certain question types, or on times tables which require more work, meaning that your class will be on top form and feeling confident before the check.

As well as practicing online, your pupils can consolidate their learning further by completing a free paper test version of the MTC.

As well as practicing online, your pupils can consolidate their learning further by completing a free paper test version of the MTC. For monitoring progress and diagnostic feedback, please sign up to purchase a 10ticks Mental Maths subscription.

Click the link at the top of the page to view a free example of the paper test. The numbers in the questions will change each time you refresh the page, giving your pupils a different test every time.