School Plan

Mathematical Fun for your School

Dive into maths excitement with the 10ticks Mental Maths School Plan, designed to empower both teachers and pupils. Unleash the potential of interactive and effective maths education with the 10ticks Mental Maths School Plan today.

Individual Accounts for all Teachers

With our school plan, all teachers at your school can create an individual account. Within these accounts, teachers can create their own classes and add their students. Work can be assigned to the whole class or to individual pupils who may require further practice.

Flexible Learning

10ticks Mental Maths can be used in many ways. Looking for a quick lesson starter? We’ve got you covered. Need to set some fun homework? Look no further than 10ticks Mental Maths. This engaging and interactive platform provides pupils with the tools to enhance their understanding of basic mathematics.

Incentivised Learning

At 10ticks, we believe in rewarding pupils for their efforts. Pupils can earn coins by completing maths-based challenges, allowing them to purchase unique items for their own customisable AvaStar. Additionally, teachers have the ability to award certificates to those deserving. These tangible rewards for learning motivate pupils to practice and improve!

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